Thanks for your interest in working with Enliven.

We are excited about bringing on a new team member and about the impending growth of our company.
We are picky. If you are a good person and you have the skills and ambition we’re looking for, then please read the full job description below. If you’re still interested, then please complete the exercises below to apply.


Enliven, LLC
Business Development Representative
Job Description


Enliven is seeking a smart, enthusiastic, amiable, and ambitious individual to join our team as our Business Development Representative. Simply put, this person will be responsible primarily for getting qualified, sophisticated executives at big companies to talk with us, so that we can save them millions of dollars! And, once these prospects are engaged, this person will help our practice area leaders develop and deliver any and all supporting documents required to convince prospects to sign our services contract and begin work.

We’re looking for someone who is equal parts sales database rock star, persistent bulldog, and friendly networker who can strike up a conversation with anyone, anywhere.

Since a large part of this job will be cold calling and cold emailing, this person needs to know how to communicate in a professional business setting, navigate around gatekeepers, stay positive and motivated in the midst of frequent rejection, and take meticulous, detailed notes about every attempted or successful interaction. A black belt in “Googling” to find contact information and other relevant factoids on our prospects is a big plus.

This person doesn’t necessarily need to be an expert in our business – at least not initially. The primary focus of this position will be to make cold contacts with qualified individuals and set up calls with that person and our in-house subject-matter experts. That’s why an acute sense of detail, a professional demeanor, and spirit that just won’t give up are vital traits that this individual must possess.

This person will perform the majority of his or her work in Pipedrive, the prospecting and sales CRM utilized by Enliven. This individual must be excel at using and maintaining an online database and capturing an immense amount of pertinent information in and through this tool. This person will have an understanding of sales performance metrics and will welcome its use in gauging performance.

In addition to prospecting, this individual will also help do whatever is needed to support practice area leaders to bring engaged leads across the goal line. As a member of a small company, this person may also be asked to perform other tasks, as the needs arise.

This person will be excited to know that this position has the potential to develop into other sales roles as the individual and the company grows.

The Business Development Representative will report to the Managing Director and will work closely with our three practice area leaders on a daily basis. This person will have residency in the greater Nashville metropolitan area, and once fully on-boarded, this person will have the option to work from a home office up to 50% of the time.

Some “Must Haves”:

  • A four-year undergraduate degree; 2+ years professional business experience a plus
  • Ability to work independently without hand holding or monitoring
  • Excellent communication skills, including professional writing talent and ability to speak professionally on the phone
  • Demonstrated leadership skills
  • History of reading books of all kinds and major sources of news
  • Track record of honesty and utmost integrity

Benefits include

  • $45K to $50K ($35K to $40k base salary based on experience, skills, and potential. $10K to $15K bonus based on successful activity)
  • 2 Weeks Paid Time Off
  • 10 Paid Holidays
  • Health Insurance Package
  • Home Office Reimbursement
  • Cell Phone Reimbursement


About Enliven

We help hospitals, airports, and restaurants secure, implement and manage exclusive pouring rights agreements with either Coke or Pepsi. In the process, we bring to our clients unprecedented transparency, cost savings and business intelligence that they cannot get from any other source. After negotiating a beverage deal, we stay engaged over the life of our contracts to provide customer support, data analysis, and verification of all payments due to our clients. Founded in 2005, we have delivered tens of millions in incremental revenue or savings to our clients. You are encouraged to learn more about us at

Next Steps

***If interested in applying for the position, please complete the short exercises below:***

EXERCISE #1:  Voicemail Recording

Imagine that you have been tasked with contacting a prospect at JFKIAT, the entity that operates Terminal 4 of the John F. Kennedy airport in NYC, in an attempt to set up an introductory meeting with Martin Strobel, our Aviation Practice Area Leader. Specifically, we are trying to reach the Vice President that oversees JFKIAT’s concession program. Assume you have found the phone number of the right individual, and you have reached his or her voicemail box.

Please record an audio file of yourself leaving a voicemail for this individual.

EXERCISE #2:  Email to set up a Meeting

Imagine that you have been tasked with writing a brief email to Tom Smith, Director of Supply Chain for Big West Healthcare System. The purpose of this email is to set up a 30-minute introductory call between Tom Smith and Tim Harms, Enliven’s Managing Director. Tom had taken a look at a recent blog post on our website, and completed a form online, requesting this meeting. You have already talked to me about all this, and you know that my best availability for this call is Tues, 9/5, anytime in the afternoon and Wed, 9/6, anytime in the morning or anytime after 3:30pm CST.  Other than those windows, I have some flexibility on Thursday, 10/20, but I may have to take a last minute trip to Philly. I won’t know until Monday close of day at the earliest.  Tom’s office is in Salt Lake City, UT.

Please compose this email in whatever email application you use and save your screen as an image. I want to see all facets of the email as it looks on your screen just before you hit the send button.  

Once both exercises are complete, please email both the audio file as well as the screen shot to In addition to both of these files, please also attach a current resume. We will send you a confirmation notice as soon as we receive all three files. If you have any questions, please email

We look forward to hearing from you!


We Don't Want Your Money

We want to dramatically increase how much money you make - or save - with respect to beverages. And
then we want to take a small percentage of that new money that we earned for you. That’s our
pay-for-performance model. It ensures that our incentives are aligned. It's why our clients
think of us as a true strategic business partner and not just a vendor.



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